Signature Staffing Inc. Establishes Foothold in Federal Market with Two Contracts

Boston-based Entrepreneur and Fashionista Rosemary Farina, President of Signature Staffing Inc., adds another major feat to her repertoire by landing two federal contracts. This impressive and accomplished woman uses her mind, tenacity, resourcefulness, and exceptional intuition to achieve her goals.

The Boston-based agency provided personnel to the USGS and U.S. Attorney General’s Office.

A company’s first federal contract is always a major accomplishment. On average, it takes bidders around 18 to 24 months to get that initial win. Their second contract is also an important feat since it indicates that Uncle Sam views a business as a reliable and quality vendor. This past April, certified WOSB Signature Staffing Inc. achieved these two milestones within just two weeks of each other.

“I would rather not send anyone than someone that’s not right,” says Signature Staffing Inc. President Rosemary Farina. Since 2000, Rosemary and her team have been helping their clients throughout New England and New York fulfill temporary, temporary to permanent, and permanent positions. Some of the areas in which they provide staffing include administrative work, healthcare, accounting, finance, real estate, and information technology.

To Rosemary, finding the right candidates goes beyond what’s on the resume. It’s also about reading between the lines. This approach provides her clients with staff who are both highly qualified as well as a great fit for her client’s company culture.
This unique approach to staffing has caught the attention of The Huffington Post, Boston Voyager, and Women of Distinction Magazine. Rosemary has previously served as the business expert on Boston’s WMEX radio giving advice twice a week about hot topics with respect to jobs and the economy.

A few months later Rosemary was given her own one-hour radio show. She focused on food, wine, fashion, cutting edge medical procedures etc. She chose all her own topics, invited her own esteemed guests, asked her own questions, etc. She wanted it to be interesting, informative and covered a wide base of topics.

“When I put my mind to something, I always succeed,” said Rosemary. It was through training sessions with USFCR Executive Bid Trainer John Wayne where she sharpened her skills for placing bids. To her, not winning a federal contract was not an option. Her dedication to training and learning paid off on April 10, 2019 when she was awarded her first contract.

“When the candidate went in, I got an email 10 minutes later that said, ‘We cannot imagine a more perfect person for this job,’” said Rosemary. The contract was for a temporary administrative clerk for the U.S. Geological Survey. Signature Staffing Inc. was able to find the right candidate within three days.

Then, on April 24, Signature Staffing Inc. was awarded its second federal contract. This time it was with the U.S. Attorney General’s office. For this contract, the staffing agency provided two IT specialists and one receptionist across three different cities.

Signature Staffing Inc. plans to keep on pursuing and winning federal contracts. Two federal contracts in a row is a strong start, and Rosemary wants to keep the momentum going. Currently, she’s working on bids for federal contracts in the million-dollar range.

For more information about Signature Staffing Inc., please contact Rosemary Farina at or (617)-973-5190