Laboratory Director

Andover, MA
Posted 5 months ago

Head of Laboratory (Head of Laboratory Department)

Position characteristic:  Ensures and is responsible for production and quality processes in the company and the continuous operation of the laboratory following the laboratory policies for this area, including the GMP implementation and applicable legislation. For this purpose organize the units/shifts of the laboratory technicians and evaluate their performance.

Key activities:    

  • Manages and is responsible for laboratory activities, ensuring the processing, examination, and storage of tissues and cells and other company products with emphasis on the quality of the prepared product in accordance with GMP, laboratory policies.
  • Responsible for the entire production process.
  • Ensures efficient and effective departmental operations, including department quality control and compliance adherence.
  • Participates in budgeting and financial strategies. Ensures that department milestones/goals are met and adhering to the approved budget.
  • Responsible for staffing, day-to-day performance of activities, in-service training, and professional training of laboratory staff.
  • Responsible for the equipment and facilities condition of the laboratory, laboratory procedures, laboratory documentation, and its implementation.
  • Provides regular updates of analyses and reports.
  • Responsible for correct and efficient production planning, management of subordinates concerning the required performance of laboratory activities, band optimal level of safety, and proposes changes in procedures and manuals, in the instrumentation and laboratory workspace.
  • Cooperates in solving and implementing projects, research, and development tasks in existing and new products of the company using the latest scientific and technical knowledge. 
  • Participates in inspections, supervisions, cooperates with the authorities, and provides the necessary cooperation.
  • Creates principles and guidelines for laboratory policy, cooperates on the program of internal audits, proposes corrective measures, and monitors their implementation.
  • Provides professional support within the company.

Expertise knowledge:  

  • Min 3 years experience in a similar position
  • Experiences in managing and implementing laboratory processes
  • Ability to comply with applicable activity-related legislation and adapt to the necessary changes
  • GMP experiences
  • Knowledge of work with controlled documentation
  • Ability to perform administrative work related to the performance of work in full
  • Ability to lead and motivate team members

Personality assumptions:

  • Organizational and management skills, high workload
  • The ability to react promptly in troubleshooting and to solve the problems, precision,  consistency
  • Analytical thinking, communicativeness
  • Independence self-active
  • Flexibility
  • Integrity

Education: University Education II. or III. degree – pharmacy, chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and technology, biology, human medicine

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